Tubbs Hardware Celebrates 100 Years

By Lee Merrill

n this era of too many “out-of-business” signs, Tubbs Hardware is a ray of hope in the community as it celebrates 100 years of service to the Shreveport-Bossier area. Tubbs Hardware has had its roots in Bossier since 1922 when Sibley Hardware opened in Bossier’s East Bank area. In 1949, Mr. Holmes purchased the store, changing the name to Holmes Hardware. Don Tubbs went to work for Holmes as a young teen. He learned all about the business while sweeping floors, assembling lawnmowers, and threading pipe under Holmes’s watchful eye.

Shortly after graduating from Bossier High School, Don Tubbs lost his father and Holmes stepped in as a father figure and mentor. Even after joining the fire department at age 18, Tubbs continued to work for Holmes on the side. Little did he know that his boss had the bigger picture in mind. In 1979, when Tubbs was only 19, Holmes sold the business to him with an owner-finance agreement, and Tubbs Hardware was born.


Through economic ups and downs and the invasion of big box stores and online shopping, Tubbs stands strong as a family business focused on top-rate customer service. Their motto is: “We provide products that are built stronger to last longer, and then we back them up with parts and service.”


Tubbs built a bigger store at 615 Benton Rd. across from the Civic Center and expanded it to include lawnmowers, parts, services, outdoor cooking, rentals, and Cajun gifts. Tourists bring plenty of energy and wide- eyed wonder to the store each day.


“There are few mom-and-pop stores around anymore,” Tubbs said. “It’s kind of sad, but it sets us apart from the big box stores and the internet. People come in and go, ‘Hey, I really like being at a mom-and-pop location and actually seeing the owner of the store working and participating in the business.’”


Tubbs said, “The young people that research everything on their phones have become one of the greatest tools for my business. They look us up and find our prices are the same if not better than the big box stores, and they decide to shop with us. The younger generation wants the impeccable products and service we offer.”


After growing to love the Benton area where Tubbs raised his family, it was only fitting to build a second location there. Tubbs Country Store specializes in Toro/Exmark mowers, STIHL outdoor power equipment, utility trailers, USA-made Ventrac Tractors with multiple attachments, porch furniture, and country hardware. Don Tubbs is proud to have his son, Kenneth Tubbs, running the country store. All Tubbs employees are considered family. “There’s always a Tubbs in every Tubbs Hardware listening to the community and providing the products they want.”


Tubbs is open six days a week and closed on Sundays and major holidays to give employees time to spend with their families and attend church. Shop local at Tubbs Hardware to participate in the ongoing celebration of this 100-year milestone. Happy Birthday, Tubbs Hardware!