By Rebekah Giambroni

f you’re looking to add more color and creativity to your home this year, a mural may be the thing your walls need. Interior home murals have been making a steady comeback and are set to be a big home trend in 2024. The idea of a full-blown mural in your living room might seem avant-garde; it is anything but! Murals have been a home decor style dating back to cave art. Murals were also popular in ancient Rome and Greece as well as during the Middle Ages; it was during the latter that murals – whether painted on a wall or woven into a tapestry – told both stories and histories.

Now, we may not need a mural in the dining area to remind us of a great battle, but a mural in your bedroom, foyer, or a bathroom can help bring the beauty of nature indoors or transport you to fantastical places. Popular choices for adults are floral and botanical designs, art deco and abstract styles, and landscapes. For kids, forests and woodlands are popular, as are scenes from fairytales or story landscapes such as Hogwarts Castle from the Harry Potter books. 


If you’ve decided a mural is exactly what your home needs, your next step is choosing a style you like. Reach out to artists whose art style matches your vision and get to know them. According to local artist and muralist J. Ryan McCutcheon, “Trust is key. You want to have a good relationship with the artist in your home.” 


Once your artist is selected and you’ve discussed your ideas, it’s time to figure out what your budget will be. “You’re looking at a starting average around $800-$1,600,” McCutcheon said. He added that it depends on size and how extravagant you’d like to go. “Details like gold, silver or pearlescent paint can add a lot to that. So, keep that in mind.” He also mentioned that needing extra equipment may factor into your price. If you choose an extremely tall space, lifts or scaffolds will have to be rented. When the budget is set, the artist can either provide you with a mockup or you can allow them to have fun and surprise you. 


Last, once you and the artist have decided upon an idea, allow them a minimum of one to three weeks to complete the piece. Working on a larger scale takes time to get proportions correct, so have patience. Your patience and trust will pay off in the end when you have a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted mural by a local artist. 


While supporting local artists is always a wonderful route, some may not want something so permanent in their home. Whether you’re a renter or someone who tends to change their mind often, if the permanence of a painted wall doesn’t fit your situation, not to worry! Wallpaper is also making a comeback and comes in more than just repeating stripes and florals. Now you can find wallpapers in mural prints like mountainscapes, tropical botanicals, and leafy jungles. 


Consider going big this year. Elevate your space with the bold strokes of a mural – because sometimes, the big picture is exactly what your home needs.

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