By Lee Merrill

o you find yourself making the same health resolutions year after year? Lose weight. Gain strength. Get fit. Are you ready to really do it this time? If so, it might be time to call in the big guns. Keep reading to discover five ways a personal trainer can help you S.M.A.S.H. your health and fitness goals. 

Skilled educators

Licensed personal trainers aren’t just sporty types. They are trained health educators who know how the body works and how to get optimal benefits from intentional movement. According to veteran personal trainer Les Fountain from Schotime Fitness, “Personal trainers instruct clients in proper form and technique which prevents injury and enhances performance. They guide clients on the right equipment to use and how to use it safely and effectively.”


Motivators who believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself

Who wouldn’t benefit from having a coach in their corner who has already done the work for him or herself and knows what it takes? Personal trainers are paid to spur you on, show up every time you do and remind you with their own success that you, too, can achieve your goals. Fountain said, “Personal trainers discover what clients want to achieve and create a blueprint to help them get there.”


Accountability partners who won’t let you off the hook

If you didn’t meet your goals last year by leaning on your friend, spouse, or co-worker for accountability, maybe it’s time to pay someone to play that role in your life. Our loved ones mean well, but they often feel uncomfortable pushing us. Personal trainers will help you eliminate your excuses and get that workout completed. Plus, you are more likely to show up for yourself if you make an appointment with a monetary investment attached. 


Specialized experts

You are an individual with unique challenges and goals. Find a personal trainer that specializes in what you need. Are you a woman in menopause looking to build bone density, gain energy and lose that tummy pooch? There’s a trainer for that. Do you have dreams of competing in weightlifting competitions or running a marathon? There are trainers for that. Find a trainer who can meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be. 


Health and fitness coaching to fit your schedule

While fitness classes and gym hours of operation tend to be fixed, a personal trainer can meet you at a time that works for you. From crack-of-dawn to lunch hour to after work, your trainer will be ready when you are to deliver personalized instruction.


Don’t waste another year floundering in the area of fitness. Get plugged in with a personal trainer and smash those goals.