Naughty or Nice: Holiday Decor Trends for Every List

By Scott Rutherford

isten closely as you dish yourself the last slice of pumpkin pie or polish off the rest of the Thanksgiving leftovers. Do you hear it? Over the rustle of the final leaves letting go and taking flight, you should be able to catch the faintest hint of sleigh bells off in the distance. And we all know what that means – it's time to trade in our pumpkin spice for peppermint mocha and put away our autumn holiday décor in favor of something even more festive.

It’s Christmas time! Time to string the lights, trim the tree, and sing a rousing chorus of “Silver Bells.”

So, as you turn your thoughts to the Savior’s birth, Jolly Old Saint Nick, tinsel, mistletoe, and everything else we celebrate during the season, we thought it might be fun to look at some of the hot trends in holiday décor for Winter 2022. And it turns out, in the best homes this Christmas, you’re likely to see a little something traditional, a little something new and vibrant (very vibrant), and a little something unexpected in this year’s hot color schemes.

So, what can you expect this season?

Iconic Christmas trends are making a comeback this year, according to Better Homes and Garden. What was old is new again, with décor that features holiday villages, ceramic Christmas trees, and vintage Santa pieces. Shiny Brite ornaments, named for their signature shiny coating, were all the rage in the ’40s and ’50s. This year, the brightly colored ornaments are back in high demand.

“I would say this year’s décor trends are lively and whimsical,” said Janet Meier, owner of Janet Meier Designs in Shreveport, adding that we’re going to see a fresh twist on the traditional hues we all love so much. “[You’ll see] brighter greens and more vibrant reds this year.”

One recent trend Meier has enjoyed seeing over the last couple of years is the popularity of large, stuffed, and weighted felt Nativity scenes. Not only are they cute, but she points out that they are safe for families with young children.

Meier also noted that many are incorporating pinks with their reds and greens, producing a surprisingly fresh color palette. Of course, there are also color schemes that never go out of style. “Pretty gold and white is always popular,” said Meier. She added, “We’re getting back to a lot of the Old World Christmas feel with a lot of our clients.”

In fact, Meier points out that the best Christmas traditions, even if we tweak them a bit from year to year, don’t really change much. “No one ever seems to tire of Nativities or the true meaning of Christmas,” she said. “Among all the Christmas trends that do change, it’s nice to remember the reason we do it.”