Prioritize Your Remodeling Plans

By Bill Forrester

ome renovation projects and upgrades have seen a tremendous surge in popularity over the last two years as people have spent unprecedented amounts of time at home. From making our home spaces more versatile and functional to getting our rooms camera ready as a Zoom backdrop, getting the best guidance and products from experienced designers is more crucial than ever to making our projects successful. And when it comes to the finishing touches of any renovation project – flooring, countertops, cabinetry – United Tile has been helping home builders, remodelers, and weekend warriors since 1948.

At United Tile Company, owner Sid Menard and his team have one goal in mind. “Every day I gauge the pulse of everyone in the building,” Menard said. “The one thing I see consistently is that [the sales associates] are concerned about the happiness of the customer. It’s a theme here. It’s what’s happening every day.” The biggest factor in achieving that goal is removing as much uncertainty as possible. Uncertainty is something Menard has seen in all facets of his business since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020. Supply chains were interrupted and materials were running low, but customers were still seeking out the expertise and products United Tile offered. The store’s licensed architects, interior design graduates, and construction project managers were integral in helping customers navigate the unusual renovation challenges. 

Menard knows how to empathize with customers’ uncertainty because United Tile faced its own measure of it when the pandemic began. The company’s former location in the Home Design Center on West 70th Street was put up for sale in 2020, and Menard had to move quickly to find a new site. His two other businesses, Farley’s Glass Company and Classic Stone Company, had to be considered as well. He decided to buy and renovate a warehouse at 777 Benton Kelly Dr. in south Shreveport, where he consolidated the three operations. 

“We went out and took a risk in choosing the location we chose,” Menard said. “We left the center of the world for Shreveport on 70th Street. We left that and moved to an industrial park off the beaten path. We chose this location because of what it could be. We hope the public finds it’s worth coming here.” United Tile remains the largest flooring and tile distributor in a 100-mile radius that caters to residential and commercial customers, and the company partners with over 60 carpet, porcelain and ceramic tile, engineered wood, stone and cabinetry vendors. 

If you find yourself unsure of where to start on your own home remodel list, Menard has one piece of advice – prioritize. “Everyone has different reasons for remodeling,” he said. “Prioritize what’s most important to you to remodel. Find out what will give you the most joy. Start there and work your way down.”

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