Smart Appliances For Easier Living

By Stephanie Scott

rom fridges that can sense if your milk isn’t cold enough to an oven you can turn on from miles away, the latest trends in appliance updates are all about making our busy lives a little easier.

Bluetooth Syncs Everything – Plus the Kitchen Sink


Imagine seamlessly moving through cooking and cleaning with a personal assistant helping you every step of the way. That’s the goal of using Bluetooth-synced technology in the home. In 2022, having appliances and devices enabled with Bluetooth and wireless internet will become a trend that even low-tech families can appreciate. Many new appliances, like those from GE, are being manufactured with an included feature that allows you to control everything from your smartphone.


Control Your Kitchen with One Touch


At the 2022 National Home Builder’s Show, one of the things missing on many new kitchen appliances was the buttons. Finger touch and swipe control panels replace push buttons and knobs. On stoves, the touch panels work through electromagnetic heat instead of field heat. This allows you to turn on your range and control the temperature of the flames with a simple swipe. Manufacturers say the touch options provide a goof-proof cooking experience, avoiding over- or under-cooking.


Fridges at the 2022 Builder’s Show featured touchscreen panels that elevate the idea of “putting notes on the fridge.” Samsung’s Family Hub lets you manage your family’s calendar, stream music, share pictures and documents from your phone to a digital bulletin board, and create handwritten notes.


The Fridge Revolution is Here


Custom cabinet companies have been modifying fridges for years for high-end home buyers, creating custom faces. Manufacturers have caught on. Samsung released a new Bespoke line, in which customers can order sleek custom fridges with a wide array of finishes and colors, including color blocking and pop-art inspired doors.


In 2022, manufacturers are leaning into customers’ needs to have a more streamlined approach to their life – and thoughtful touches are not limited to technology. Custom colors and finishes are now available for most kitchen appliances, with a focus on making your home appliances as original as you are.