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esigning the perfect wedding involves more than just picking colors and flowers; it's about creating an atmosphere that echoes your love story. Your choices, from budget to personalized elements, can significantly impact your big day, and having a wedding designer to guide you through the process can help you transform abstract ideas into a tangible, unforgettable experience. We consulted Brianna Belton, owner of Brianna Belton Design, for expert advice on creating a wedding that not only looks spectacular but also feels uniquely yours.

What are the initial steps a couple should take when considering wedding design?

Wedding design is like building a house. It evolves as you get further into the planning. Things to consider are location, guest count, budget, and the atmosphere you want to create for your guests – whether it be a dance party under the stars or in a formal ballroom with a seated dinner. 


What design elements typically consume the largest part of the budget?

Rentals and anything custom always consume a large part of the budget, especially if it’s a tented event. You are basically building a temporary venue. And, if your venue doesn’t provide tables, chairs, etc., we have to hire a rental company to bring all of that in. A trend we love is using soft seating vignettes, but that requires renting and bringing in sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and all of those beautiful details. 

Most bands require a stage, so you would want a facade to make it pretty and custom to your event. Linens will make or break the space and depending on the weight/design and table count, that can easily drive the costs up. Fresh florals can also consume a large part, but the best part of the design is that there are so many variations and elements that can be considered without compromising your overall style. Anything custom and curated is always our favorite part, but it does consume more of the budget. 


What are the top three things brides and grooms should consider before choosing their wedding design elements?

Budget, how they want their guests to feel, and what is most important to them. I always tell couples to tell me their dream wedding. It’s easier to prioritize now than to wish you had it later, and there is no room left in the budget. 


How can couples incorporate personal or cultural elements into the design?

There are so many ways to make a wedding custom and personal now, the sky is the limit. I love to get to know my couples in the early stages of planning and what they love and then create ways to make their event personable, whether it’s a design detail, traditional clothing, different ceremonial practices, a unique culinary menu, or even a song or dance performance. Don’t get stuck in a trend, and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.


What’s your go-to advice to reduce stress related to wedding design?

We always advise our brides to hire their dream team creatives and trust the process. Stop scrolling and focus your energy on your highest priorities. Let your wedding planner and/or designer do what you hired them to do. As creative professionals, we work well under pressure, but when brides allow us to fully use our talent, magic always happens. 


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