Over the River and Through the Woods


rom trimming turkeys to trimming the tree, this is the time of year that has us yearning for the traditions that are so dear to all of us; of times when the kids bring the grandkids and we all gather by a fire to drink hot cider, hot cocoa, or hot coffee to warm our bones as autumn gives way to winter.

As we head into round two of holidays during the pandemic, it’s undeniable that many of our traditions have been curtailed. The loss of these holiday occasions has been hard on all of us, but for seniors the effects are especially difficult. Isolation is often cited as the greatest stressor seniors have dealt with during the pandemic. The need to adjust our holiday plans around health concerns, however necessary it may be, certainly doesn’t make that stress any easier.


Fortunately, there are some traditions that even a pandemic can’t dampen. In our area, we are still able to enjoy the Louisiana Holiday Trail of Lights – something that can be done in small groups from the safety of our vehicles. From the time the lights come on around Thanksgiving, until the end of the celebration in early January, any night’s a good night to grab the grandkids and enjoy the beautiful displays.

Of course, the Holiday Trail of Lights is just one example. Whether it’s gathering for turkey and the best cornbread stuffing this side of the Mason-Dixon Line or reading the Nativity story together on Christmas morning, we all have our own traditions – time-honored activities that bring the grandchildren into our homes and warmth into our hearts year after year.

Thankfully, while we’re still a long way from much that we took for granted pre-Covid, the restrictions we live with have been relaxed considerably. We still need to take common sense precautions, but most of us should be able to get back to celebrating with family and friends over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. And with that, hopefully we can all get back to celebrating the holidays in a manner that’s a little closer to normal.