Haute Hues: The Hottest Local Trends in Paint Color

By Scott Rutherford

hether the paint’s starting to peel or it’s just time for something new, choosing paint color is one of the most critical – and can be one of the most fun – aspects of home improvement. Ask any group about the best interior and exterior colors and you’re likely to get as many opinions as you have faces in the crowd. After all, tastes in color are highly subjective and there is no real right or wrong color. That said, there are some colors that are more right than others for those who want to stay on point with current trends.

Local experts seem to be in agreement about the trendiest colors.  Andrew Atkins, sales manager at Caddo Paint Company, and Ricky LaCour, salesman at Harrison Paint Company were both quick to name Revere Pewter, a light gray-beige paint as one of the most popular colors in the area. The color is particularly popular for interior walls, according to LaCour.


“Mostly, it’s whites, soft grays, and blacks [that are popular],” said Atkins, who credits HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines with popularizing the neutral color schemes, adding that, because of what people see on their show, “A lot of people are taking outside colors in.”


One of the most striking things to those considering new paint for the first time is just how many shades of white paint are available. Popular varieties come with names like White Dove, Windfresh, and Chantilly Lace. The same is true of grays. LaCour said that it’s always worth taking the time to look through similar colors to find exactly what you want.


Of course, some still venture away from shades of gray. Atkins points to a dark blue called Hale Navy as a dark blue paint color growing in popularity, while LaCour mentions a “cool, sage green color called October Mist” as a trending color.

Ultimately, whatever color you choose, it’s important to consider how it will actually look on your home. Atkins said that many customers come in with a specific color they’d like to match, often from a picture on their cell phone. They’re happy to match the color, and usually able to make customers happy, but he points out that features like lighting can have a significant impact on how paint will look on the walls and that it’s best to buy a small can of paint to test in the real conditions of your home before jumping in and committing to a color.