Color Feel: What Your Home’s Color Scheme Is Saying About You

By J.L. Simmerman


Blues are a popular choice in our homes. This isn’t a surprise since blue is the most popular answer to the question, “What’s your favorite color?” Homeowners who select blue themes for their home are often dependable, trustworthy, and centered on family and relationships. Blue colors can also indicate a desire for more relaxation, clarity and achieving your goals in life. Those who incorporate navy blue into their color schemes are confident, know what they want, and aren’t swayed by the beliefs or opinions of others.


If your home features muted, calm colors in neutral or soft natural tones, you crave a peaceful, elegant, atmosphere and prefer your home to complement you instead of you playing second fiddle to your home. If you add in pastels as accents, you want to create more kindness and softness in your life and may desire a quiet home.

Modern Living Room Interior With Green Plants, Sofa And Green Wall Background

Earth tones

Browns and greens convey a desire to connect with familial roots, ancestors, the past, or nature. These color schemes can also hint at a need to bring more natural balance into the home, especially for those who often work from home. Those who are especially sensitive to stimuli, electronics, or noise may also be drawn to colors that bring the quiet balance of the outdoors inside.

Digitally generated contemporary domestic kitchen interior design.


Bold, contrasting colors like black and white, brown and cream, red and black, or yellow and steel gray can indicate the desire for assertiveness and balance in your life. The person who chooses bright, bold colors may be trying to facilitate open communication, learning, and fun into their home. If your home is always painted with the latest trendy colors of the season, you’re more likely to want to be perceived as relevant, capable, and important to others.


Houses with a lot of gray can show that a homeowner is trying to balance or negate strong emotional energy in the family or themselves. Choosing gray as your room's backdrop suggests you are very independent and crave order and direction in your life.