By Lee Merrill

o you find yourself begging time to slow down? Have your babies suddenly become kindergarteners or even high school seniors? The beauty of photography is its ability to catch these fleeting moments, encapsulating emotions and memories we can revisit time and again. For photographers like Ivy B French, capturing those moments in people’s lives and families is the purpose to her passion.

 “Families and children are my specialty,” said French. “My dad owned Brightwell Photography when I was young, and I caught some interest from watching him before he passed away from pancreatic cancer when I was 10. Later, I experimented with his film cameras taking shots of sweet kids I babysat. The parents loved my work, and their encouragement spurred me to keep practicing and honing my skills.”

Years of dabbling grew into a passion and a genuine gift. Her studio walls feature a gallery of her expansive wheelhouse. “Our mission is to create a safe space where every client feels welcomed and celebrated. Every skin tone, culture and background is welcome here,” said French. Potential clients receive a questionnaire that helps the staff determine which direction to go with each photo session. “We want your photographs to capture who you are.” 

As much as she enjoys capturing moments in families’ lives, Ivy B was surprised at how much she also enjoys doing boudoir shoots. “I had no idea these types of shoots would be so therapeutic for clients struggling with body image issues. Boudoir empowers clients to let go of their insecurities and see a new side of themselves that is uniquely beautiful,” she said.

In an effort to build collaboration in the photography community, Ivy B opened RAW thestudio., which is available to photographers by the hour or through monthly contracts. It features newborn and lifestyle studios as well as studios with natural and artificial lighting options. RAW thestudio. has a variety of furniture and props for all types of photo sessions. “We get photographers who are the best of the best as well as those just starting out. It’s really cool to see established photographers coming together to mentor the new ones.”

Being a mother of a lively daughter named Andy Kate, Ivy B has a heart for frazzled moms trying to get their families looking spiffy for family photos. “Don’t stress, mommas! Pick an outfit you feel sassy in and plan everyone else’s outfits around yours. As long as there is a common color somewhere in everyone’s clothing, it’s totally fine to mix patterns. And don’t worry if the kids are wiggly. We will get some great shots before the session ends.”

Ivy B Photography is thrilled to be included in a fall exhibit at Norton Art Gallery featuring several local photographers. Be sure to check out “Line, Form Fashion: The Art of Style,” on exhibit through Nov. 19. Recently, with the help of graphic designer, Carrie Irvin, and assistant, Anna Hockaday, Ivy B Photography has added commercial photography and social media management to their menu of services.

For more information about Ivy B Photography, visit and follow them on social media.