By Lee Merrill

oll’N Stone is rolling out creamy ice cream treats in Stonewall. Owners Peyton Massey and Muna Sofyan have a bigger mission than offering yummy desserts - they're all about community. When the family moved to Stonewall three years ago, they fell in love with the small-town feel. It wasn't long before they decided to place their stamp on the community by filling a need for a safe and joyful hang-out spot.

Peyton Massey recalls the birth of the dream that would later become Roll’N Stone. “I was driving home from church with my wife and oldest daughter when I realized I was craving some dessert. We got to talking about how Stonewall needed an ice cream shop. We brainstormed the kind of shop we’d open and got a good chuckle out of our big ideas.”

The conversation ended with the car ride, but after enjoying some rolled ice cream in Florida, the couple rekindled their conversation. Massey said, “I had this crazy dream, but Muna is the one who made it happen.”

They ordered ice cream machines and began teaching themselves how to operate them, right there in their living room. Unlike traditional scoops, rolled ice cream is made by pouring a liquid ice cream base onto a cold surface. The creamy base is swiftly spread out and as it begins to freeze, it’s combined with chosen mix-ins such as fruits, chocolates, or cookies, and then chopped and mixed. Once the mixture freezes into a thin layer, it’s artfully scraped into tight spirals using a metal spatula. The rolls are then arranged into cups or bowls and customized with toppings and sauces.

After lots of research and experimentation, the family created their own base ice cream recipe, free of added sugar, and dreamed up a business name and a menu full of dreamy rolled ice cream recipes: “Chocolate Coma” with brownies and chocolate syrup, “The Rooster” with Rhino cold brew and Biscoff cookies, “Going Bananas” with bananas and vanilla pudding, and many more. All they needed was a place to hang their sign.

The business spaces in front of their neighborhood were all taken, but as providence would have it, a local dress shop was looking to end their lease early. Massey gladly took possession of the space in July 2022, and the family worked day and night to get the shop ready to open quickly. Roll’N Stone sold 5,000 cups of rolled ice cream in their first month. 

While sales are an important aspect of a successful business, Massey’s goal of community building remains strong. “We want Roll’N Stone to be a place parents can bring their kids without any concern they’ll see or hear anything inappropriate. We strive to create an atmosphere where friendships can be cultivated,” he said. “Our employees are all local students. I tell them to always remember, when someone walks through that door, we may never know what they’re dealing with. I want the customers to leave better than when they showed up, whether it’s through a conversation, a prayer, or a kind word.” 

Roll’N Stone offers birthday party packages that include pizza, Slush Puppies, ice cream, and a bounce house in a fenced-in area beside the shop. They also welcome the use of their space for other kinds of gatherings. “We want Roll’N Stone to be a safe and positive hang-out spot the community can enjoy,” Massey said. 

Head over to Roll’N Stone and enjoy an old-fashioned ice cream shop vibe with a modern rolled ice cream concept. Try one of their menu items in a cup or as a shake, or create your own unique ice cream concoction with their wide array of add-ins. Play a little Pac-Man, meet up with friends, and stay a while. For more information, find Roll’N Stone on Facebook.